I was on TV … sort of

I need to begin with a confession: I watch a lot of QVC, the shopping channel. It’s the default station when I can’t find anything else to watch and when I just want background noise to whatever else I’m doing, and since my cable box is whacked until I can dig out of the snow to exchange it, my viewing options are drastically reduced this weekend. So this evening, one of the hosts said she wanted to know what the viewers in the storm-affected areas were drinking tonight to stay warm. I had just made myself a Hot Buttered Rum since it’s below freezing here, so I went on her Facebook page and answered the question. Then I got bored and switched channels. Thirty minutes later my mom called and said “I know what you’re doing!” I asked her what it was she thought I was doing and she said “you’re watching QVC!” I said no and told her what I was actually watching. She said “but the host said Jennifer Essex was drinking Hot Buttered Rum.” So the host read my Facebook response on air after I’d changed channels. I guess that’s my three seconds of fame for this year. It can only go downhill from here. 😉


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