About Me

268792_10151082879354726_812110468_nWelcome to my blog about rum, cocktails, and other spirit-related things that inspire me.

My name is Jennifer Essex and I was born and raised in California, primarily the San Francisco Bay area, but moved to North Carolina in 2014.  I’ve been enthusiastically navigating the world of rum and cocktails since 2006.  I’ve tasted over 500 different rums, visited distilleries, and am a Master of the Cove and Black Tassel Brigade member at Smuggler’s Cove in San Francisco.  Although I’ve never been a professional bartender, I have created cocktails that have been finalists in various cocktail competitions and enjoy making drinks for friends whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Rum is my usual spirit of choice  (being a long-time fan of tiki culture), but I’m also quite fond of gin in cocktails and am being tempted by bourbon in recent months (probably a result of my move to the south).

So I decided it’s about time I start documenting my exploration and experimentation.  I hope you’ll join me on this journey through the spirit world!