Rum tasting notes are on the way …

No, I haven’t abandoned this blog already.  I’ve been up to some experiments and explorations behind the scenes that will start showing up here in the next couple weeks.

Lately I’ve been taking the time to make “serious” tasting notes when sipping rums from my collection.  I’m happy to find that my notes (which I always try to make before reading others’ reviews or tasting notes provided by the brand) are usually not far off from what more experienced tasters have said.  This leads me to believe I may actually have a clue what I’m doing.  I’m new to trying to describe what I’m smelling/tasting and why I like (or don’t like) something.  Training my nose and taste buds to discern the various aromas and flavors in a product is a process which will take a bit more time, but at least I’ll (mostly) enjoy the process.  Watch this space! Cheers!

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